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ACH/Debit Authorization

Homestead Management Corporation
1499 W. 121st Ave. #100
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The Association’s Board of Directors provides you with the opportunity to pay your association assessments through Direct Payments.

Please fill out this form and return it by the end of any calendar month, to take effect the following month should you decide you want to have your assessment paid through Direct Payment. Payment of your association assessment will be withdrawn from your account on or about the 5th day of the month (if assessments are due), or the first business day following the 5th should the 5th fall on a weekend or a holiday.

The amount withdrawn from your account will be the total of your normal assessment and any additional items (if any), including but not limited to; legal charges, fines, homeowner repair charges, bank charges, etc.

When filling out the Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments, please be careful when completing your bank information and double check all the numbers for accuracy.

Should you have any questions concerning the Direct Payment procedure or completing the form please call your community manager, at (303) 457-1444.

You will be asked to provide your account and routing information.  You can find this information on your existing checks.


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