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Services Survey

Greetings from Homestead Management!  Thank you for looking into our services.  As Community Association Managers, there are many different things we communicate and/or provide as part of our services.  We also believe that every Board of Directors should be supplied what they need to make their best decisions possible and timely.  Because of that, rather than tell you about our samples you should see and be aware of, we are asking if you can tell us the things that are important to you!  We would much rather supply pertinent things to you and your community.   (This mentality could probably be extended to our entire management philosophy—“How you want it is our goal.”)

Below is a litany of things we can or do produce on a regular basis.  If you would select the options of interest to you and your Board then click “Send,” you will hear back from our business development team in short order with the items requested.

    Financial Packet (Generic)Balance SheetIncome StatementCheck DisbursementsGeneral LedgerBudget Worksheet (Board Budget Preparation Tool)Budget (Sample to Mail to Owners)

    Delinquent ListLate NoticeOffer of Payment PlanIntent to LienLienStatus Letter

    Covenant Enforcement
    Courtesy LetterViolation Letter (1st)Violation Letter (4th)Violation Report (open and/or closed)

    Architectural Review (ARC)
    Approval LetterDenial LetterReport of Applications (Approved/Denied)

    General Communications & Newsletters
    Newsletter – AlertNewsletter – GeneralNew Owner Welcome Package

    Various Reports
    Phone LogWater Graphs/ReportsWork Order Report (by Date)Work Order Report (by Work Type)Work Order Report (single/specific Work Type)

    Snow RemovalSnow Removal – Piles/Ice-Melt

    Board Packets
    Board Packets


    Website Landing Page (immediately after login)Submit Maintenance RequestReport a ViolationDocument ViewerPayment History/LedgerCommunity Calendar

    Enhanced Board Member Access
    Viewing Owner Payment HistoriesViewing Owner ARC Applications (Approved/Disapproved/Pending)Viewing Owner Violations (Active/Closed)Viewing Owner Maintenance Requests/Work Orders (Open/Closed)